BioMaxx Odour and Corrosion Control

BioMaxx Environmental’s odour and corrosion products are non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable. They do not require any special handling or storage protocols and can be applied to many applications simply and easily.

Odour Control

To control Odours we must eliminate the formation of sulfides and hydrogen sulfide gas. By breaking down those sulfides and H2S (hydrogen sulfide gas) we can effectively eliminate corrosion of any of the infrastructure, cement works, all the components in a collection system or waste water treatment plant.

If sulfides are nonexistent, then corrosion is also nonexistent.

Successful odour and corrosion control results in a safer work environment for all staff and especially workers that must go into confined spaces where even 10 parts per million of hydrogen sulfide gas can have dangerous side effects.

The chemical that we use for H2S odour control is called OXYN8.

Grease Control

BioMaxx Environmental grease control products break down the fat oils and greases in the collection system, allowing them to travel freely to the treatment plant where they can be dealt with effectively. Breaking down the grease at source eliminates the cost of hiring vac trucks or the messy job of hand removal of fat and grease build up in lift stations, wells and other infrastructure.

All our grease control products are non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable. The product that we use to deal with fat soils and grease removal is called ELIMN8.

Products and Services

BioMaxx Environmental manufactures many effective options for the treatment for dissolved hydrogen sulfides, H2S and fats, oils & greases (FOG) within wastewater collection systems and treatment plant applications.

Monitoring, Assessment & Analysis

BioMaxx Environmental team of technicians can provide a full-spectrum monitoring, analysis and assessment program that will pin-point the cause of the odour/corrosion issues, determine the severity of the odour/grease issues and design and implement a proven remediation/elimination solution that will effectively and efficiently improve the operation of your collection system. Our products inhibit the formation of dissolved sulfides and H2S, reduce biological oxygen demand loading (BOD) and effectively eliminate fats, oils & greases (FOG) within infrastructure; i.e. wet wells, lift stations, etc.


The OXYN8 solution is specifically engineered to eliminate the formation of dissolved sulfides and H2S, contains no hazardous substances; is completely safe for both the operator and the environment. It is NOT an enzyme, biological treatment or perfume/masking agent. It works naturally by introducing nitrate oxygen into the waste stream, creating an environment in which certain naturally occurring bacteria thrive; eliminates the bacteria from forming sulfides; sulfide, organic and mercaptan odours are eliminated, future corrosion of infrastructure is stopped and confined space environments are free of H2S. In addition, BOD loading is significantly reduced. These benefits equate to more efficient collections system and treatment plant operations, which saves manpower and money.

The OXYN8 solution, has a proven track record for controlling hydrogen sulfide in a wide range of wastewater collection system and treatment plant applications across hundreds of installations in Canada. Demonstrated results include dissolved hydrogen sulfide concentrations of over 100 ppm have been reduced to less than 0.1 ppm, in the most severe applications. It is simple to apply and can be direct-injected into a force main or dosed directly into a wet well or manhole. Expensive engineering and infrastructure is not required and our system can be retrofitted into any existing lift station or easily incorporated into new building designs.


BioMaxx Environmental designs, manufactures and markets new “green” systems for improving wastewater quality and lowering lift station maintenance costs. Our Automatic Wet Well Washing system recycles and reconditions wastewater to break the cycle of “build-up and clean-out” through automation. Effluent quality is made consistent and predictable and wet well cleaning is reduced to the occasional removal of floatables. Our system provides three related actions to produce their benefits:

  • Surface Agitation: Our system returns a fractional stream of flow back to the wet well and prevents the formation of bio-films and FOG by creating surface turbulence.
  • Oxygenation: Recycled wastewater is aerated increasing dissolved oxygen (DO) up to 800% while substantially improving aerobic activity.
  • Homogenization: Wastewater is homogenized, FOG is made soluble and solids are broken down increasing their surface area, thousands of times.

(EP-1100 Series 1 & 2)



The all new EnviroPrep EP-1100A Series are mechanical, wastewater systems for cleaning and conditioning of wastewater in lift stations, keeping them free of fat, oil, grease (FOG) and biological build-up. The system operates by recycling a fractional amount of pump discharge flow back into the well. This automates the clean-out process. Additionally, it elevates Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels and homogenizes fluent quality and characteristics, thus reconditioning the wastewater.

The EP-1100A Series saves utilities time and money by reducing clean-out costs up to 90%. For detailed information, please see the brochure.

Our Automatic Wet Well Washing system dynamically combines ELIMN8, our nutrient rich mixture, with high agitated oxygen levels that feed existing bacterial cultures for significantly increased aerobic activity. Combining these actions initiates pre-treatment in the lift station and you will see the evidence in just a few operational cycles. In addition, because our system uses wastewater to treat wastewater, your energy costs are reduced by virtually eliminating the need for third party vactor trucks which burn fossil fuels and use clean drinking water for wash downs.

The ELIMN8 solution is specifically engineered to naturally remove the formation of fats, oils and greases from infrastructure such as wet wells. It is safe and easy to apply; injected through our patented Automatic Wet Well Washing system. It is NOT an enzyme, biological treatment or perfume/masking agent. It works naturally by introducing nitrate oxygen into the waste stream, creating an environment in which certain naturally occurring bacteria thrive, breaking down the FOG and removing them from the wet well. As well, BOD loading is significantly reduced. These benefits equate to more efficient collections system; Vactor trucks and manual scraping can be eliminated which saves manpower and money.


We stock a large selection of peristaltic metering pumps and flow meters for all of your wastewater and potable water applications. Upgrade your solenoid pumps today and standardize your equipment with peristaltic technology at an affordable price; offering accurate, gentle & efficient pumping action and self priming simplicity while eliminating costly re-build kits. In addition, we design and manufacture quality dosing skid systems.

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Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) based sewer odours escaping from sewer line manhole covers, lift station vents and wet well hatches are an extreme nuisance for residents, business owners and users of near-by public facilities or property. The negative publicity and annoyance caused by continual nuisance sewer-odour complaints are costly in both time and money for cities or industries that own the odour-producing infrastructure.

BioMaxx Environmental offers a cost effective sewer odour control solution in the form of Manhole Odour Filter Inserts, Stack filters and custom designed filter housings. All filters are designed to work with our special blend of activated media.

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BioMaxx Environmental offers you budget conscious solutions for all of your odour control needs. We supply industrial vapour phase Carbon adsorbers or what is commonly called an odour scrubber or air scrubber for flows from 0 to 700 CFM with larger air scrubber systems available as special order. Our Main business is in Wastewater odour control (H2S); however our adsorbers when utilized with the correct activated carbon will solve any of your emission odour concerns.

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