Asset Management Services

Asset Management Services

Asset Management takes stock of everything owned, what condition it’s in, and the associated costs of those assets. By engaging in Asset Management, municipalities are able to make informed and evidence-based decisions where it matters most.


What Do
We Own?


Where Is
It Located?


What Kind Of
Shape Is It In?


What Do We
Need To Do It?


When Do We
Need To Do It?


How Much
Will It Cost?

Why do Asset Management?

  • Increase chances to secure Provincial and Federal funding
  • Reduce operations and maintenance costs
  • Mitigate infrastructure risks and vulnerabilities
  • Improve public credibility and trust through transparent decision-making
  • Improve service reliability & customer satisfaction
  • Ensure your Municipality is financially sustainable

Why Municipalities Use BioMaxx For Asset Management

Our unique approach combines:

  • Desktop Study and Analysis: Completed in partnership with engineering firms
  • Detailed Field Inspections: Conducted in order to provide municipalities with the most accurate, up to date and reliable infrastructure assessments

The BioMaxx Benefit

Our subsurface infrastructure assessments are completed using a combination of Smoke Testing and CCTV Pipe Crawler Inspections to create a reliable GIS Map that includes accurate and current condition assessments.

BioMaxx Customer Testimonial

“The pictures BioMaxx captured were most definitely beneficial in reaching out to our residents, in particular to those that required proper cleanout caps.”

– Town of Fortune

“We found several manholes and other infrastructure that we could not locate previously. This was an excellent project to undertake and was money well spent.”

– Town of Spaniard’s Bay

“The Smoke Testing provided by BioMaxx was invaluable in locating and determining the severity of various issues in the Towns of Brookfield and Tatamagouche’s sewer systems.”

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