Smoke Testing

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is used by municipalities to determine whether there is breakage in their collection system lines. Once breakage occurs, rain water, pond water and storm water could be infiltrating a closed loop system, forcing that system to treat more water than necessary.

If, for example, a residential water treatment system incurs a break, it  might be necessary to treat from three to ten times the amount of water. There are real costs attached when any system is stressed in this manner.

Smoke testing allows us to determine with pinpoint accuracy exactly where the leak is coming from (ie. residential drain or sump, or other ground leak).  We positive-pressurize the system, we put a non-toxic smoke into the system, which can be visually identified on the surface, and expose the break or leak in the collection system. Once the test is complete, the municipality or town can get busy and plug those leaks, thus making their treatment plant operative at a much higher efficiency.

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