Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial food and beverage water treatment

Is your facility or business concerned with any of the following:

  • Paying unfair surcharges or fines to the city or municipality • Increasing costs to buy and dispose of water and wastewater
  • Sewer surcharge rates and annual surcharge fines or costs
  • New wastewater surcharge/fine parameters or increasing costs to buy or sewer wastewater by the city
  • Environmental pressures from the city or municipality including BOD, TSS, FOG. NH3, PO4 and H2S
  • Odor complaints
  • excessive cost to treat your wastewater
  • CFIA compliance with water, wastewater and sludge dewatering chemistry
  • CFIA compliance with animal feed additives

Many manufacturing facilities and industries have successfully reduced their water treatment TCO – Total Cost of Operation buy improving in-house water and wastewater treatment.

At BioMaxx, our team of experts can analyze your current water usage and make recommendations to improve your water system and your bottom line.


    Industries Served:

    • Food and Beverage including dairies, meat processing, breweries, distillers, ethanol, oil seed processing, potato processing, sugar beet processing, corn processing
    • Rendering
    • Manufacturing
    • Mining
    • Steel
    • Refineries, Oil and Gas
    • Pulp and Paper
    • Institutional: Universities, Hospitals, Hospitality
    • Municipal

     Services We Provide:

    • Water and Wastewater process consultation to identify efficiency or cost reduction opportunities
    • Biological/Secondary Wastewater Treatment Optimization and Troubleshooting
    • Bioaugmentation programs to improve biological COD, BOD, FOG and NH3 removal
    • Filamentous and Zoogloea bulking control
    • Primary and secondary clarification optimization and troubleshooting i.e. DAF, Clarifier, Membrane
    • TSS, BOD, COD, FOG, NH3 and PO4 removal
    • Hydrogen sulfide – H2S removal or abatement
    • Heavy metals removal
    • O&M Services for Wastewater Treatment Processes
    • Sludge dewatering optimization and troubleshooting• Bench screening of water treatment chemistry
    • Odour Control – scrubbers, wastewater, process odours
    • Water balance surveys – Total plant assessment
    • On-site analytical services: COD, TSS, NH3, PO4 etc.
    • Wastewater or process foaming concerns
    • Water and wastewater monitoring and automation
    • On-site Operator training and technical training for water and wastewater treatment
    • Safety and best practice audits



    • Coagulants; inorganic, organic, blended programs, CFIA or NSF approved
    • Flocculants(polymers): Latex Emulsion, dry polymers, CFIA or NSF approved
    • Antifoams/defoamers; water based, oil based or silicone based, CFIA and NSF approved
    • Bioaugmentation:  micronutrients, carbonaceous bacteria, nitrifying bacteria,
    • Nutrients: ammonia-nitrogen , phosphorous • pH adjustment chemistry

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