Odour & Corrosion Control

15 years of excellent results for municipalities

Results from example Alberta municipality (95% H2S reduction)

With Oxyn8
Average H2S of 9 PPM (95% reduction)

Without Oxyn8
Average H2S of 188 PPM

Since 2006, municipalities in Alberta and British Columbia have relied on Oxyn8 to effectively address odor and corrosion concerns related to H2S gas in wastewater collection systems.

The BioMaxx team works with municipalities to design a tailored treatment program, based on wastewater flows, current and target H2S gas levels, and the sanitary sewer system configuration.

Oxyn8 results are verified in a no-cost trial, based on H2S gas data, allowing municipalities to see results before making a treatment decision.

How Oxyn8 works

  • Oxyn8 is a unique biostimulant that uses natural processes to address odor and corrosion concerns caused by untreated H2S
  • Oxyn8 prevents H2S formation by providing an alternative oxygen source:
    – In wastewater, naturally occurring bacteria will first consume dissolved oxygen (DO)
    – Once the DO has been depleted, the bacteria will anaerobically consume the oxygen within sulfate, which causes the release of H2S gas
    – Oxyn8 contains nitrates, which act as an alternative oxygen source for the bacteria
    – Bacteria will preferentially consume this alternative oxygen within Oyxn8 via their natural metabolism, rather than consuming the oxygen in sulfates and creating H2S
  • Oxyn8 reduces H2S levels by allowing naturally present bacteria, which consume dissolved H2S, to flourish with Oxyn8 as an oxygen source

Oxyn8 contains several proprietary ingredients that maximize the impact and longevity of the nitrates in preventing H2S formation

Oxyn8 properties*

Specific gravity



6.0 – 7.1


Clear to pale blue

Solubility in water


Works with existing bacteria

Does not contain enzymes or foreign bacteria

*listed for information purposes only, and are not to be considered exact specifications

How municipalities use Oxyn8

  • The BioMaxx team works with each client to determine the optimal treatment strategy, including dosing location(s), dosing rate, pump configuration, product storage and other elements
  • Oxyn8 is typically injected directly into the wastewater stream, via:
    – wet wells in lift stations
    – manholes
    – floor drains that lead to wet wells
    – direct injection through a quill into force mains
    – sewage ponds or lagoons

How to choose a dosing location and pump set up

BioMaxx works with each client to design a dosing program, based on the wastewater characteristics, current and target H2S levels and the sanitary system configuration. Generally the dosing program is designed to add Oxyn8 to the wastewater stream as early as possible in the retention time, in order to prevent H2S formation
Most BioMaxx clients use a simple, digital peristaltic pump to dose Oxyn8. A dosing skid or other configurations can also be used if preferred

Storage and handling requirements

  • Oxyn8 is not classified as a hazardous substances under the US Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). It is also not regulated by the US Department of Transportation and does not have any specialized handling requirements
  • BioMaxx provides custom storage solutions depending on the space available at the dosing site. A minimum of 48” x 64” of flat, outdoor space is required in order to install the smallest tank, which holds 1,000 litres. Larger tank volumes, up to 20,000 litres, are used when additional space is available
  • Oxyn8 has an unlimited shelf-life and long term storage does not impact performance

Transportation, delivery and ongoing service

  • BioMaxx drivers generally deliver Oxyn8 via tanker truck loads and pump the product into storage tanks at each dosing site. BioMaxx makes regularly scheduled deliveries throughout British Columbia and Alberta. For smaller volume requirements,
  • Oxyn8 is delivered via totes or barrels
    BioMaxx is able to accommodate all delivery requirements and schedules, and we customize a storage and delivery program that works for each client
  • We provide on-the-ground support for setup and ongoing maintenance of the H2S reduction program and are available at short notice to help with any issues that arise

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