Regulation Compliance

Biomaxx will undertake a year long monitoring of your storm water, industrial or sewage outfall to determine the amount of discharge and strength of effluent. Our goal is to help you take steps in your always evolving water treatment plan.

By taking samples and reporting over an extended period of time (The Federal Environment Ministry requires one year) we’re able to give your community an accurate picture of the health of your system. Our report includes data such as daily average flows, and sewage strength. The federal government will take those numbers and put them into a matrix to determine whether that town or municipality needs to be compliant by 2020, 2030 or 2040. Compliant, in this case refers to having effective wastewater treatment, based on certain parameters and community expectations.

We empower the community or the town’s engineer to have access to important water treatment data directly rather than having to pay a third party engineering firm to access those figures.

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